These are Deanna’s top 10 bestselling titles and series.

Emotional College Romance

USA Today bestselling series.
A young couple attempts to reconcile four years after the death of their newborn.
A six-book series of standalones following three couples.

Picklish Secret Boss Romantic Comedy

A top 100 Amazon book.
Jace Pickle is in a jam. The problem? His sassy manager Nova Strong, who is either everything wrong with his deli, or everything right for him.

Best Friend's Sister Romantic Comedy

A top 100 Amazon book.
Max can't resist Camryn. But when she turns out to be his best friend’s sister, they must hide their wild attraction before it becomes a really big dill.

Spicy Pickle

The final book of the series!
Two rival chefs are forced to stage a fake engagement to take the heat off a heated culinary competition gone viral.

Tasty Mango

Tasty Mango

It's the perfect first date with a billionaire -- until her water breaks.

Wedding Shake-up

Beach Read Romantic Comedy

A sassy bartender attending a beach wedding challenges an ocean bar owner to a drink duel, launching a rivals-to-lovers romance on a breathtaking island.

Strong Heroine Sports Romance

Complete Series. An MMA fighter on a losing streak begins training a promising young female fighter, sparking a love affair that could jeopardize them both.

Second Chance Sports Romance

USA Today bestselling complete series. They have so many reasons to give up. His injury. Her pregnancy. His career. Her fear. But he’s willing to fight. For her.

Steamy Romantic Suspense

Mia's sexy letters to a prisoner was a crazy dare that spiced up her small-town life. It was fun. Thrilling. Harmless. Until he escaped.

Single Dad Gut-Bustingly Hilarious Romantic Comedy

Complete Duet. Billionaire bachelor, meet your secret baby. Instructions not included.

Modern Retelling in the Tradition of the Classic Romance Sabrina

Juliet left for dance school pining for the son of her mother's billionaire boss. But when she returned an accomplished ballerina to win his heart, she discovered his brother was the one who took her breath away. A woman must choose between the wealthy man she has loved since childhood...and his brother.