Deanna recommends you read her books in this order.

Emotional College Romance

USA Today bestselling series.
A young couple attempts to reconcile four years after the death of their newborn.
A six-book series of standalones following three couples.

Wedding Confession cover

Uplifting Romantic Comedy

When a grumpy groomsman and a sunshiny bridesmaid get kicked out of the wedding, confessing their true feelings while trapped in a maintenance shed could be the start of one wild love story.

Wedding Shake-up

Beach Read Romantic Comedy

A sassy bartender attending a beach wedding challenges an ocean bar owner to a drink duel, launching a rivals-to-lovers romance on a breathtaking island.

Picklish Secret Boss Romantic Comedy

A top 100 Amazon book.
Jace Pickle is in a jam. The problem? His sassy manager Nova Strong, who is either everything wrong with his deli, or everything right for him.

Single Dad Gut-Bustingly Hilarious Romantic Comedy

Complete Duet. Billionaire bachelor, meet your secret baby. Instructions not included.

Best Friend's Sister Romantic Comedy

A bodybuilder meets a woman no Pickle could resist. But when she turns out to be his best friend’s sister, threatening his new career, they must hide their wild attraction before it becomes a really big dill.

Enemies to Lovers Fake Engagement Romantic Comedy

Two chefs stage a fake engagement to take the heat off a heated culinary competition gone viral.

Tasty Mango

Tasty Mango

It's the perfect first date with a billionaire -- until her water breaks.

cover to Tasty Pickle

Tasty Pickle

She's a city girl running from her problems. He hikes naked. Their unexpected encounter on a mountain trail is a match made in rom com.

Holiday Found Family Romantic Comedy

I never thought the love of my life would turn out to be -- a mall Santa.

Royal Pickle cover

Royal Opposites Attract Romantic Comedy

He’s a prince on the run. She’s a deli worker with a dream. Their spontaneous royal wedding is a match made in mayhem.

Royal Rebel

Royal Princess and Body Guard Romantic Comedy

She's a princess with a rebellious streak. He's a royal guard known for chasing every skirt in the palace. When the two of them get together, it's one rowdy royal ride.

Royal Escape

Hot Mess Princess on a Wild Romp Romantic Comedy

A hot mess princess escapes her royal duties for a wild fling with a masked stranger who has a secret of his own.

Juicy Pickle cover

Boss and Fired Assistant on a Deserted Island Romantic Comedy

An assistant sneaks onto a company cruise to prove her innocence after getting fired, sparking an argument on a secluded beach that leaves her and her ex-boss stranded together.

Strong Heroine Sports Romance

Complete Series. An MMA fighter on a losing streak begins training a promising young female fighter, sparking a love affair that could jeopardize them both.

Second Chance Sports Romance

USA Today bestselling complete series. They have so many reasons to give up. His injury. Her pregnancy. His career. Her fear. But he’s willing to fight. For her.

Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance

Complete Series. Hudson was prepared to start his new MMA career. Chloe was a professional protester out to destroy the sport he loved. He fell for her anyway.

Family Saga

A runaway bride. A quiet New England coastal town. A family secret about to be exposed.

Modern Retelling in the Tradition of the Classic Romance Sabrina

A professional ballerina returns home to choose between the wealthy man she has loved since childhood...and his brother.

Emotional Secret Romance

A complete series. A sheltered ballerina with a devastating secret is lured into the life of a brash TV reality show star.

Nontraditional Romance

When Dane rides into Stella's small town on his Harley, the couple must decide if their love runs deeper than their reputations.

Sweet Small Town Second Chance Romance

She wrote secret messages of love and longing in the frosting of the cakes she decorated, thinking no one would notice. First the town did. Then so did he.

Sweet Small Town Dog Lover Romance

Her giant pup drags her across town, right into the arms of the football coach.

Belated Kiss cover

Small Town Mature Romance

The cantankerous mayor of a small Missouri town changes his curmudgeonly ways at the birth of his first grandbaby, catching the eye of a widowed maternity nurse.

Sweet Small Town Military Romance

When a veteran and a cheer coach are forced to work together for a Christmas in July pet parade, it's love at first sight -- for their dogs.

Steamy Romantic Suspense

Mia's sexy letters to a prisoner was a crazy dare that spiced up her small-town life. It was fun. Thrilling. Harmless. Until he escaped.

Steamy Romantic Suspense

Mia takes on her biggest challenge since Jax -- her first Vigilante mission.

Paranormal Reverse Harem Academy of Magic

An unlikely heroine and her snarky ferret set out to make a love potion and take their place at a magical academy.

Paranormal Reverse Harem Academy of Magic

Jet learns she must choose a harem to protect her -- or die.

Steamy Romantic Suspense

A professional diamond thief is outwitted by a beautiful rival. Game on.