Choose books by how steamy the love scenes are.


The Sweetest Match

She wrote secret messages of love and longing in the frosting of the cakes she decorated, thinking no one would notice. First the town did. Then so did he.

The Perfect Disaster

Her giant pup drags her across town, right into the arms of the football coach.

Moderate Heat Level

Stella & Dane

Stella is ready to blow out of her one-stop-light town when Dane roars in on his prized Harley-Davidson. They shock the locals with their wild, crazy affair, but when a bar fight over Stella turns deadly, the couple must decide if their love runs deeper than their reputations.

Forever Series

A young couple attempts to reconcile four years after the death of their newborn.

Dance Series

A sheltered ballerina is lured into the life of a brash TV reality show star.

Billionaire's Dance

Juliet left for dance school pining for the son of her mother's billionaire boss. But when she returned an accomplished ballerina to win his heart, she discovered his brother was the one who took her breath away.

All The Sex

Big Pickle

Jace Pickle is in a jam. The problem? His sassy manager Nova Strong, who is either everything wrong with his deli, or everything right for him.

Hot Pickle

A bodybuilder meets a woman no Pickle could resist. But when she turns out to be his best friend’s sister, threatening his new career, they must hide their wild attraction before it becomes a really big dill.

Uncaged Love

He's a champion fighter on a losing streak. She's on the run from her worst mistake. When they collide, he believes she can be the greatest female fighter who ever lived.

Fight For Her

They have so many reasons to give up. His injury. Her pregnancy. His career. Her fear. But he’s willing to fight. For her.

Reckless Attraction

She was out to destroy the sport he loved. But he fell for her anyway.

The Diamond Thief

A professional diamond thief is outwitted by a beautiful rival. Game on.

Tasty Mango

Tasty Mango

It's the perfect first date with a billionaire. Until her water breaks.

cover to Tasty Pickle

Tasty Pickle

She's a city girl running from her problems. He hikes naked. Their unexpected encounter on a mountain trail is a match made in rom com.

Second Chance Santa

I never thought the love of my life would turn out to be -- a mall Santa.

Shock Me

The Accidental harem

One boat. Four men. All of her.

The Vigilante's Lover

Mia writes sexy letters to a prisoner on a dare. It's safe enough. Until he escapes.

Royal Escape

Hot Mess Princess on a Wild Romp Romantic Comedy

A hot mess princess escapes her royal duties for a wild fling with a masked stranger who has a secret of his own.